Human Action

When I was probably fourteen or fifteen I read through Human


by Ludwig von Mises, to keep up with a younger brother.

I don't think I understood a single thing from beginning to end.

I just read each word of this ponderous, incomprehensible book

to myself without trying understand anything, and sure enough, I

didn't understand a thing! I probably went through this exercise

out of pure desperation because I knew I wasn't smart enough to

understand it.

However, when I read it again a few years later I was surprised to

find that I had some degree of magically-obtained grasp of the material.

Today I love every word in this huge book! Thanks only to the "Shh"

Tract, not to any great effort or to innate intelligence.

So this is yet another method of approach for anyone who has set

his sights on some mind-boggling subject-matter. Clearly, saying the

wordsounds to yourself is not inconsistent with accessing the

"Shh" Tract.

But you do have to just let the words flit through your

mind, and not make any effort at all to grasp their meaning!

(Fortunately for me, it turned out that Human Action is probably the

greatest and most important book ever written! Well worth anyone's

first experiment with "Shh" Tract!)